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Customised solutions
Start.Lan solutions are a response to practical challenges faced when building a computer network or monitoring system. We adapt our range and individual products to the guidelines from our customers: network administrators, integrators and installers. We listen to what they say in order to make easier their daily work on creating data transmission infrastructure for a wide range of customers from all economic sectors.

Excellent value for money
We know budgets are important. For most customers, the price is often crucial. We also know that the customers want to get high-quality products even with lower budgets. In the end, your network infrastructure is to work for years! Therefore, we optimise our products so to save on less important components while focusing on the crucial ones. You will see it when reading our product specifications: each product is described in detail.

Quality guarantee and support
Our products undergo strict testing. This allows us to provide a warranty for their manufacturing and operation. However, we are here to help you if anything goes wrong. Need support? Contact us. Please also visit our YouTube channel, where we show how to assemble our rack cabinets or perform installation works.

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Thermostat: how to connect


In this film, we show you how to connect a thermostat to a rack cabinet’s ventilation panel. We use a Start.LAN STLKTS011 closing thermostat. It should be installed by a person holding a SEP E licence.


3 ways to use a rack cabinet

wallmounted / floor-standing rack cabinets



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Welcome to the new Start.Lan website! It was created so that you can easier and faster learn our range of products used to build computer networks and monitoring systems. With our new website manage...

Untypical solutions

Project solutions

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