Start.LAN cabinets are marked with products numbers created in a way which let to include information connected to their basic features. This guide teach how to decode P/N to learn what kind of cabinet we deal with, even without touching the box!


Przykładowy Part Number szaf Startlan

First part defines type of the cabinet:
  • STLFSC – floor standing cabinets
  • STLWMC – wall mounted cabinets 19”
  • Wymiary Jednoski USTLWMC10C – wall mounted cabinets 10”
Second part gives us size of the cabinet expressed in U

standard unit of height for rack components.

Third part is used only for 19” cabinets and defines external size – width and depth:
  • Jak czytać wymiary szafyFirst number (6 or 8) gives us width, it’s respectively 600 and 800mm
  • Second number (45, 6, 8 or 10) gives us depth. Basing on these, we can read cabinet’s depth as 450, 600, 800 or 1000mm. Possible combinations of width and depth are different for different types of cabinets.
Fourth part defines type of front and rear doors and the color.
  • First letter tells us front door type and second letter - rear door type.
    S – solid steel doorsG – doors with glassP – perforated steel doorsKolory szaf StartlanD – double swing perforated steel doors
  • Third letter of this part defines color of the cabinet, where:
    B – means Jet Black (RAL9005)G – means Light Grey (RAL7035)
Fifth part is optional.

In this moment only one value is being used and it’s letter C. This is used to mark cabinets which can be converted from wall mount type to floor standing type.

Kod C

More information: STLWMC-C

This document describes standard products and do not contains information about custom models.