Below privacy Policy describes rules of Accessing and storing information in Cookies files on user devices. These files are used to perform tasks requested by user and performed electronically.


  1. Cookies – cookies are small files saved on hard drive by your web browser. Thanks to these, www website can remember your preferences, for example regarding your search results. Cookies do not allow identifying your personal data. Cookies do not have any influence on your software and hardware. 
  2. www website – means www website that you are browsing under current www address 
  3. Device – means electronical device used to browse websites 
  4. User – means identity for which can be (according to law regulations) served tasks and requests electronically or which can be contracted with electronical service provision agreement. 
  5. Administrator – means www website’s administrator who provides service provision and stores and accesses data to information stored on User Devices.


  1. Cookies stored by Administrator are safe for User’s Devices. It is not possible that Device could be infected by malicious software of any kind through Cookies. These files are used to identify software used by User and adjust Website to individual preferences for every User. Cookies include necessary data such as www address, time of storing on Device, and value needed  for www website to work properly.
  2. Administrator uses following types of Cookies:
    • Session Cookies: located on User Device until closing web browser. Data is erased once web browser is closed.
    • Permanent Cookies: located on User Device until deletion. Data is not erased with closing the web browser.
  3. Both Permanent and Session Cookies are unable to collect personal data or confidential information from User’s Device.
  4. User may close access to Website for Cookies on his Device.
  5. Closing access to Website will prevent content that requires Cookies to operate, such as Registering, Logging In.


  1. Administrator uses Cookies files to authorize User on Website, which allows to:
    • User access to his own personal data stored in database.
    • Purchasing said product or service
  2. Administrator uses Cookies files from third party sources to:
    • Collecting basic anonymous statistical data using Google analytical tools. Administrator of this data is Google Inc based in USA


  1. User may at any moment change Cookies browser settings that is used to view Website. Details about this is included in browser settings.
  2. User may delete Cookies at any time using browser settings.