Often a company or organisation has more than one server to be managed. If we connect each of them to a keyboard and monitor, it turns out that the input devices take more space than the servers themselves. Moreover, in the case of rack cabinets there may be no space for a conventional monitor. Here you can use our solutions for switching a Keyboard-Video-Mouse package between the servers. For free-floor-standing servers, we recommend using KVM switches, and if you deal with a rack cabineted system, the best option is to use consoles that integrate 3 devices in one. In the latter solution, the screen is folded just like a notebook screen, and the entire console is inserted into the rack cabinet, which reduces several times the rack cabinet space occupied by accessories. Our professional solutions in the rack cabinet category not only enable the operation by a direct connection to servers but also a remote access through additional IP modules. Consequently, the administrator doesn’t even have to be in the server room to manage the computers it contains.