When flexibility matters
You don’t have a dedicated room and can’t accommodate a large server cabinet? In addition, you have nowhere to hang a small cabinet? Or maybe you are just not sure about the conditions on site? We have a solution. We offer short rack cabinets with an option to install wheels or feet and put the rack cabinet on the floor! They will squeeze even under your desk! With them, you can make a professional network even without a server room. The whole network equipment will be in the rack cabinet; no more mess and equipment lying on the floor!
The rack cabinets will accommodate typical switches, patch panels and small accessories. When buying a server, remember that it must be adequately shallow, as the overall depth of the floor-standing-and-wallmounted rack cabinets is up to 600mm.

Solid structure
The structure of this line's rack cabinets is a modified structure of our wallmounted rack cabinets. Therefore, the admissible load-carrying capacity of 19” wallmounted-and-floor-standing rack cabinets is 60kg. This is possible as the frame is made of 1.2mm sections and 1.5mm load-bearing rails. The rack cabinets are made of cold-rolled steel. The rack cabinets can be fitted with a set of wheels or feet. These are offered as optional accessories.

Two height and depth options
Our 19” wallmounted-and-floor-standing rack cabinets are available in sizes 9U or 12U and with a depth of 450mm or 600mm.

Universal colours
Just like the other rack cabinets in our range, these rack cabinets are finished in black (RAL9005) with a powder coat. The mounting rails are clearly marked with U units and numbers.

The rack cabinets can also be provided with fans that ensure an appropriate cooling of devices.